Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If You Fail To Plan... Plan To Fail

An Excellent Plan to Protect the Company Reputation

There are ways to stop these activities. The best approach can be building a task force with people who have an understanding of the policy and a few others, who prefer to use social media responsibly. This task force should be trained and provided with an outlined company policy that clearly specifies company's perspective toward social networking. Consumers and licensees prefer a system or protocol that promises successful result. They need assurance of their real estate transactions. A company's social networking strategy should reflect the company objective. It is important to ensure that employees of the company, who are involved in the protocol, are also well-aware of the company's mission and commitments made to the consumers.

The Most Important Things The Managers Should Make a Note of are -
Tracking agent's activities on the Web.
Top management should know the location where agents place their listings and also the different types of listings placed by them.
Should know about the Dos and Don'ts of copyrights.
Whether sales associates are generating leads through the discussion thread.

They should if people are putting company's reputation and license at risk.


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