Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Business Building Can Be Strategic & Fun

A Well Defined Role 

A hiring process should clearly define the job responsibilities and make sure applicant’s get that. Replacing an employee is a much more time consuming job. A start up specially can’t afford to waste time and money on employee replacement. This is why the hiring authority should clearly define the job role during the interview and make all conditions clear so that only applicants, who are interested in the specified role, move further.  
Try to Analyze the Vision of the Aspirants

What matters more for a newly build company? Growth in terms of revenue and reputation, right? Therefore, it’s very important for a startup that it finds candidates with similar aspirations and passion for growth. A company can grow when its employees dream of growth and progress. Because, its only then they work hard to meet the overall goal of the organization. It’s the hiring professional’s job to analyze how ambitious a candidate is.      

It’s Best If a Company Can Explore All Possible Talent Search Sources

When trying to find the best talent pool for the organization, higher authority should never rely only on personal references. Instead, they should explore all possible resources and contacts to find out the gems. For example, LinkedIn contacts can be of great help in this case. Recruitment adds on the social media sites can help a start up find a really good match to a position effortlessly.  Even a person with good contacts on social media channels can be easily evaluated to find out whether he/she should be a perfect match for the organization’s work culture.    

A company’s work culture, goodwill and long term sustainability depend on its employees. Employees are kind of the backbone of an organization. A good team can be powerful enough to take a department’s revenue to a sky-high level. On the contrary, a mistake in employee selection can cost a fortune.   


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