Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking Selling Online To A Whole New Level

Facebook Posts Must Have Pictures

Pictures easily draw attention. If an e-commerce brand post 5 times in a day on Facebook, the posts must contain some visually appealing pictures besides the text. Research shows that Facebook posts that included good pictures received 50 percent more likes and 104 percent more comments than any normal posts. A Facebook post with a good picture and link will definitely bring more traffic to the target destination and increase sale gradually.    

Invest in Developing a Mobile Friendly Interface

An e-commerce site must try to make the overall shopping experience more convenient for the Smartphone users. An increase in the Smartphone culture indicates that consumers now want mobile friendly shopping. This means e-commerce sites need to invest more in developing a more interactive interface, which can make the overall process more enjoyable and engaging for the customers. 

A Strong Call to Action Will Induce Results

After all, this is what makes a difference in the end. No matter what type of creative marketing strategy an e-commerce site thinks of employing in the process,  a need for a strong call to action at the end of a post is unbeatable. A post including a call to action, which motivates readers to take advantage of some special offers, encourages to leave feedback or comment at the end, gets better response than others. 

E-commerce strategies change according to industry movement, industry trend and market situation. As for now, these were the 5 most important tips for improving e-commerce strategy in the year 2014.     


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